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nMRCGP Course Programme

Here's the programme for all forthcoming nMRCGP Courses. The programme has been tweaked following feedback from the first few courses to remove sessions on the Workplace Based Assessment and increase the time spent on the CSA.

The cost of the full course is 399, or 349 for the CSA sessions only. The venue in Swansea is the Village Hotel, Swansea with courses in Oxford being held at The Oxford Centre.

If you have any questions on the nMRCGP Course please feel free to drop us an email.

Day 1 (Friday)

The AKT and the CSA

10.00Course Introduction
The aims and objectives of the course - what we'll teach you and what we won't. Housekeeping issues. An overview of the new exam, outlining the purpose and methodology of each module.
10.30The AKT - Overview
What this module tests, where and when to sit it. Format and content of the 'paper'.
11.30The AKT - Examples
Example questions demonstrating each question format; problem areas; suggested reading and preparation techniques.
12.30The AKT - Statistics
A review of the core stats needed to pass the exam. Includes some elements of critical appraisal.
14.00The CSA - Introduction
A description of the CSA format, the domains assessed and how the examiners assess you.
15.00Consultation Models
A quick run through the main models from a CSA examiner's point of view.
16.00The CSA - Key Skills
A presentation on the key skills required to perform well in the CSA; what sort of problems you'll be presented with and the key principles of how to deal with them.
17.00The CSA - Some examples
Presentation and discussion of some examples of CSA cases to set the scene for tomorrow's group work.

Day 2, (Saturday)

The CSA Practical Sessions

9.00The CSA - Briefing
A briefing for today's group sessions - how they're going to run and how to get the most out of them.
9.30The CSA - Group Session 1
The first session in small groups - you'll each get to tackle example cases with trained role-players with expert facilitation and feedback.
11.30The CSA - Group Session 2
14.00The CSA - Group Session 3
16.00The CSA - Group Session 5
17.00The CSA - Plenary
A final closing session to discuss any issues raised by the practical sessions, how to prepare and what to expect on the day
17.30Course Close
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