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Oxford Deanery MRCGP Course

Since January 2008 Dr. Bob Mortimer has run the Oxford Deanery MRCGP Course. All aspects of the course are the same as the Swansea course apart from the venue. The programme is identical and the teaching is led by the Course Director Dr. Bob Mortimer in conjunction with Dr. Richard Jones, a CSA Examiner and Associate Dean in the Oxford Deanery. Please click here to view the generic course programme.

The Friday morning consists of guidance on how to prepare for the AKT, including example quesion formats and a session on statistics. The Friday afternoon teaching focuses on the CSA, with background information about the CSA exam, what it's there to assess and how the assessment works. There's some detailed guidance on consulting skills with a particular emphasis on what you're likely to encounter in the exam and what the examiners are looking for. The Saturday is almost exclusively devoted to small group work using role-players with carefully constructed scenarios. The emphasis on these sessions is on teaching rather than merely practicing.

Please note that these courses are being provided primarily for GP Registrars within the Oxford Deanery who will have priority if the courses become over-subscribed. We do however do our best to accommodate anyone who would prefer to attend the course in Oxford rather than Swansea.

The January 2010 course will be held on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th January, at The Holiday Inn, Oxford.

To register please just use our usual online registration form and to reserve a place simply log in and pay a deposit online here.

If you have any queries please just use our information request page.

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