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In 2007 a new assessment is to be introduced. This is currently known as the nMRCGP. This will be a licensing examination, meaning that it will replace Summative Assessment and will be a requirement for anyone completing Vocational Training for general practice. There are fairly complex transitional arrangements in place to cover those whose training overlaps both assessments, for further information on this visit the College's nMRCGP pages.

We do plan to run courses for the new assessment and will release details of these as soon as they're available. It's likely the first Swansea nMRCGP Course will be held in Summer 2007 (the first exam is to be in October 2007). The course is planned to be held over two days and will include a couple of hours on the AKT (the new multiple choice exam), some advice on getting through the Work Place Based Assessment with the majority of the time dedicated to the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA). This will feature presentations and discussion on various aspects of consulting skills as well as practical sessions in groups using trained role players to run through simulated consultations. We do now have a draft programme for the first course.

If you would like to express an interest in this course please fill in our registration form and select the appropriate course from the drop down near the bottom of the page. We'll keep you updated with developments as we plan the course. Please note that we aren't accepting deposits for this course yet. We do expect heavy demand for this course and will give priority to those registering an interest early.

If you have any questions on the nMRCGP Course please feel free to drop us an email.

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