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Course Feedback

The most recent nMRCGP course was held at The Oxford Centre in January 2008. In addition to informal feedback those attending were asked to evaluate the course by questionnaire. The informal feedback was extremely positive as was the questionnaire feedback which is shown below. Several added free text comments including the following:

"Can't imagine a more productive and efficient way of preparing for the exam."

The negative comments were almost exlusively in the following areas:

  • That many found the content on the WPBA elements unhelpful as they'd already been provided with teaching on this. This course had less WPBA content than previous courses but the programme will be refocussed further on the CSA material.
  • They would prefer not to repeat the same CSA cases within the groups. This is of course a logistical difficulty but following discussion with the role-players this will be addressed for future courses.
  • The catering - interestingly this is the most expensive venue I've used for the course so far so I'll try to get some more detailed feedback on this.

The course attendees were asked to evaluate the following areas, rating on a scale of 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent).

Feedback Chart

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